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happy trails within minutes

Missoula has 60,000 acres of surrounding wilderness so it would be difficult not to find a trail nearby.  In fact, Missoula often graces "best" lists for so many amazing outdoor recreational activities. Some include a world-class marathon course, top notch hiking/biking access and the local ski hill that you can eyeball conditions from your window in the morning. 


luxury homes under the big sky

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a river does run through it

Mr. Maclean made these rivers famous. And as much as they deserved the attention, the "it" they run through is the key to their beauty. What makes this place so special is the people that call Missoula home are honored to be it's stewards.  And the love for this place makes for great neighbors. 

smart people live in a college town

Since 1893, The University of Montana has helped to give people so many good reasons to call Missoula home.  Benefits of college town living include educational opportunities, but also, vibrant arts & culture, quality athletic events and a diverse population that enriches the community. 

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